PRIMULA offers a variety of floral styling services for weddings, editorials, and other special occasions. With a studio recently moved to Hobart, Australia, the majority of our clients span the circumference of the Tasmanian island state. That said, mixing work and travel is something we do with pleasure, so if your event is a little further afield there's a chance we can make it happen - just ask!





Romance is the name of the game here at Primula, and nothing brings us more pleasure than delivering sumptuous wedding flowers to elevate the ambience of your day. From loose, tumbling bouquets and delicate centrepieces, to bold installations, we create floral masterpieces that speak both of the seasons and the couples they celebrate. 


Firm believers in the rewards of working with flowers, we strive to share this joy with as many people as we can. Our classes are a great way to learn a few introductory methods of flower arranging, and also a lovely way to spend time with friends! 


Given the fleeting nature of flowers, we find there's nothing more rewarding than seeing them immortalised in photograph. No brief too big or small, if you are looking to add botanical elements to your photoshoot, we would love to work with you. We take great pride in styling flowers to enhance your product, and strive on getting things just right; from the large, high-impact features, right down to the minutiae.