There's an intrinsic romance that lingers wherever flowers grow - as such, this work tends to attract the rather soulful types. Each stem dictates the shapes we make, and it's hard not to be consumed by them when at work. At every event, the feeling is the same - I take avid pleasure in planning everything, from the flower palette down to the bouquet trims, but it's the moments in which I stand back and let flowers reign that gives each wedding its own heartbeat.
- Eliza, Creative Director.


Guided by the seasons, PRIMULA flowers are a reflection of both the couple and the setting in which they celebrate... Whether you wish to wed with wild decadence or simple restraint, we will match those notions with heartfelt design on the day. With an emphasis on local flowers, sustainable practice & natural design, our flowers will bring elegance to your wedding, and romance to last a lifetime.

In addition to flowers, foraged branches & other botanical elements, we can also include candles and styling linens to your wedding tablescapes. Ask us about our collection of vases, archways, urns, votives & table runners.

View our past wedding work here.